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Jane Cranmer

"Prepare yourself to be entertained, intrigued, and scared witless. True stories, from the heart-warming to the spine-tingling, of one ordinary families' extraordinary experiences, as witnessed by Jane, a very sceptical psychic, who frequently found the joke was on her!" -
Jacky Newcomb "The Angel Lady" Best selling Author

Hello and welcome to my world

Hello again,
I keep forgetting I have this web-site!
Current state of my Author adventure, well "Ancestors and Angels" was reviewed and recommended by "The Guardian" and I was tipped as one of the top new indie authors, so that was very exciting!
My second book is almost at the end of its second draft and should soon be on to the editing and revisions stage.
Book Three is almost complete in note form and I've just begun an exciting new venture for book four, working in tandem with someone else, a very interesting way of writing new material and I'm loving it.
On the home front we have a lovely Labrador called Ricky and a new pup joining us in a couple of weeks.
Also most important of all I am about to become a Grandmother! Bye for now, Jane xx

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Jane Cranmer

Ancestors & Angels

"Death is not goodbye, it is just au-revoir until we meet again." - Mary Holdcroft

You are about to enter a world where sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, a place where the veil between two worlds wears thin and occasionally things bleed through.
Who were the "little brown men" that appeared in my brothers bedroom at night?
What was the strange secret behind the doll with the real hair and rheumy eyes of an old woman?
Why did my great-grandmother return from the dead?
How was I able to predict the death of Princess Diana and the destruction of the Twin Towers?
And just what was Peter Sutcliffe - the notorious Yorkshire Ripper - doing in the phone box on the end of my street?
Spirits, ghosts, haunted houses, psychic pets, things that go bump in the night, premonitions, angels, imprints and astral travel...but in many respects we were an ordinary family, or so I thought.
Who knew the paranormal could be this much fun?

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